Task updater


Version 2.0 of MAT introduced numerous modifications of the task.xml task file format. MAT 2.0 will not work with tasks created for previous versions of MAT. You can use this tool to create a 2.0-compliant copy of your pre-2.0 task.xml file.



% $MAT_PKG_HOME/bin/MATUpdateTaskXML

Windows native:

> %MAT_PKG_HOME%\bin\MATUpdateTaskXML.cmd

Usage: MATUpdateTaskXML [options] mat_1_3_root task_xml [outdir]

mat_1_3_root: a 1.3 final MAT root directory, typically src/MAT in the 1.3 distribution
task_xml: the task.xml file to update. The original file will be written to task.xml.1_3, and the new
file, no matter what this name is, is task.xml. This way, you can repeatedly update the
1.3 task.xml file if you need to
outdir: the directory to save the task.xml files to. Optional. By default, this will be the same
directory you started with.


if present, print to stdout instead of task.xml, and don't copy the original
don't require that the mat_1_3_root actually be 1.3, but permit early versions of 2.0