UI test procedure

  1. Select a task and workflow, and any other configuration information required. A series of buttons should appear next to the "Status:" label. The first should be "load".
  2. Select an raw input document, suitable for annotation.
  3. Press the "load" step. A document should appear in the pane below the "Document" label, and the "load" button should darken.
  4. Confirm that the "Save raw" button is grayed out.
  5. Swipe a region in the document pane. Confirm that no annotation popup appears.
  6. Change the workflow. Confirm that the step buttons next to the "Status:" label change, and that "load" is still darkened.
  7. Find a workflow which contains the "zone" step. Press the "zone" step. Some text regions may be grayed out, and others will have gray boxes indicating the tokens.
  8. Swipe a region in the document pane. Confirm that an annotation popup appears if you swipe non-grayed-out text. Press "Cancel" in the menu. The menu should vanish. Click left on non-grayed-out text. Confirm that the annotation popup appears again. Select an item from the menu. Confirm that the selected token changes to the appropriate color.
  9. Select the workflow named "Hand annotation", if available. Mark several annotations.
  10. Press the "Save rich" button. If you've configured Firefox appropriately, you should be prompted for what to do with the file. Save the file to disk.
  11. Change the "Document type" menu to "Rich", and select the document you just saved as input, and press the "load" button. The document should now load, and its annotations should all be visible. The "load" and "zone" buttons should be darkened. the "Save raw" button should no longer be disabled.
  12. (De-identification task) Press the "transform" button. The nomination and replacement panes should appear, and the "nominate" and "transform" buttons should be darkened. Press "Save rich" in the "Document" pane, and overwrite your previous document. Now, press the "load" button again, and confirm this time that no error appears, and that the load, zone and nominate steps are dark, and the nominations pane is visible.