UI settings

The MAT UI has a number of available settings which you can use.

The Tabs menu

The Tabs menu looks like this:

This menu is initially blank. It lists all tabs which have been opened and not closed. If you select a tab in this menu, the UI will display the tab (if it's hidden), and make it the active tab (if it isn't). You can hide tabs by pressing the "-" button at the right end of the tab, and make them visible again using this menu.

The View menu

The View menu looks like this:

[view menu]

The View menu is active whenever there's an active tab. The options in this menu are as follows:

Show character offsets

If you enable this setting, you'll get the following behavior:

[hover with indices]

You can see that in the tagging info line, the start and end offsets of the annotation are now displayed.

Show annotation tables

If you enable this setting, your UI will now look like this:

[annotation tables]

The lower pane gives you access to a table for each annotation label. For more complex tasks, this table will be very useful. It can be sorted by most of the columns. The menu immediately above the table allows you to select which label you wish to display in the table.

The Help menu

The Help menu looks like this:

[help menu]

The "Documentation" item will open a new tab or window containing this documentation; the "About MAT" item will show a small popup window which shows the MAT version number.

The logging button

As you can see from the images above, the menubar contains an item labeled "Logging is off (press to start)". If you press that button, your UI will look like this:

At this point, the logger is enabled. This log captures a wide range of timestamped UI gestures. If you press the button again, the browser stops logging, and downloads a CSV log of your interaction, whose format is described here.